We have product!! Though we don't have a definitive answer as to how long

the ban will stay "banned", we do know that we can sell product. For now

we have green Malay, red vein Borneo and Maeng Da. We are only selling in

half ($65), full pound ($115) and kilo ($215) increments. We currently do

not have a card processor so we cannot take card payments. For now we

will have to proceed with a money order or personal check method. I'll

include the ordering procedure as follows;

1. Send an email of what product you want and the volume.

2. We will send a confirmation back with payment amount.

3. Send us an email with a picture of the check/MO and the mailing

envelope and we will promptly send the order out.

4. Please make checks/MO to;

W. Starks

PO Box 160062

Clearfield, Utah


Thank you, for staying loyal to Deep Jungle and for your patience through

us trying to regroup. The Government has done a great job of cutting our

legs out from under us through this. We will continue to work on

acquiring a new processor.


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